Samsung Improves Hotel Experience Through Apple AirPlay Integration on Hospitality TVs – Samsung Official Blog

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Today, Samsung Electronics unveiled the compatibility of Samsung Hospitality TVs with AirPlay, enabling seamless and secure streaming from iPhone and iPad devices for hotel guests. This integration allows guests to effortlessly connect their iOS and iPadOS devices to the TVs in their rooms, providing a wide range of entertainment options.

Guests can enjoy watching their favorite shows, movies, streaming services, listening to music, viewing photos, presenting, playing games, and more on the Samsung Hospitality TV. Through a unique on-screen QR code, guests can privately and securely pair their iPhone or iPad with the TV, ensuring convenience and privacy.

With a focus on user security, no personal data is stored or retained, and all device information is automatically cleared when guests check out. This feature not only elevates the guest experience but also prioritizes data privacy. Hotel managers can effortlessly update their systems to incorporate AirPlay technology, streamlining the integration process.

Apple AirPlay integration is part of Samsung’s holistic approach to enhancing the in-room experience for hotel guests and offering efficient management tools for hotel operators. The latest Samsung hospitality TVs come equipped with LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro for improved connectivity, management, and guest satisfaction.

“Samsung is dedicated to creating a comprehensive and interconnected ecosystem that boosts convenience, usability, and the overall guest experience,” stated Hoon Chung, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “AirPlay enables iPhone and iPad users to effortlessly share their preferred content on the large screen in their hotel room, fostering a homely ambiance during their stay. LYNK Cloud and SmartThings Pro empower hotel management with valuable business insights, enhancing operational efficiency.”

For hotel operators, LYNK Cloud offers a tailored cloud solution for Samsung Hospitality TVs, featuring personalized content, remote device management, and access to OTT entertainment. Additionally, LYNK Cloud presents an in-room ordering system that enables guests to access interactive services like hotel bookings, room service orders, digital concierge, and more, all within a unified platform.

SmartThings Pro enhances connectivity for hotel managers by providing increased interoperability and security with IoT devices across their properties. It allows seamless connection and control of Samsung smart devices, including Hospitality TVs, Smart Signage, air conditioning systems, and other IoT devices via a centralized dashboard. The SmartThings Pro Dashboard facilitates multi-unit management, device performance monitoring, and scalable integration, catering to diverse hotel partner requirements.

Apple AirPlay compatibility will debut on the HBU8000 model before expanding to other existing models. SmartThings Pro is supported on Tizen 7.0 or later, while IoT devices conforming to the latest IoT specifications, such as Matter and the Home Connectivity Alliance, can be connected to SmartThings Pro.

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