Samsung is set to unveil an enhanced version of Bixby with its own artificial intelligence technology later this year.

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The head of Samsung’s mobile division, TM Roh, revealed the upcoming features of Galaxy AI during the Galaxy Unpacked event in Paris, France on July 10, 2024.

Reported by Arjun Kharpal

In a recent announcement, Samsung confirmed the launch of an advanced version of Bixby, its voice assistant, equipped with in-house artificial intelligence technologies, as per the mobile business leader.

Renewed interest in digital assistants is spurred by the success of OpenAI’s ChatGPT. TM Roh, the chief of Samsung’s mobile unit, revealed plans for an updated Bixby this year, leveraging the company’s proprietary large language model, or LLM.

“We will enhance Bixby through the incorporation of Gen AI technology,” Roh conveyed through a translator.

Debuting in 2017 with the Galaxy S8 smartphone, Bixby features various functions, such as real-time translations and dining suggestions. Bixby Vision enables users to scan objects with their phone camera, prompting Bixby to provide relevant information.

Previously, reports hinted at Samsung developing an upgraded Bixby, yet now marks the first official announcement of a specific launch timeline.

Gen AI, or generative AI, denotes artificial intelligence capable of producing content like answers to inquiries or visuals. An LLM serves as the foundational AI model for generative AI, trained on extensive datasets.

Despite this progress, Samsung intends to retain its approach of supporting multiple voice assistants on its devices, with Google’s assistant also accessible on recent Samsung products.

Roh’s confirmation of the Bixby enhancement comes shortly after Apple declared that Siri, its assistant, would undergo an AI upgrade to tap into OpenAI’s ChatGPT for broader query responses.

The Bixby update aligns with Samsung’s broader effort to promote AI features across its range of devices. Alongside the announcement of two new foldable phones — the Galaxy Z Fold6 and Z Flip6 — Samsung introduced new AI functionalities to entice users to upscale to premium smartphones.

“We are enhancing and integrating additional AI capabilities into our offerings,” Roh emphasized.

“As consumers engage with more AI features, they will experience firsthand the convenience and advantages they deliver. The robust Galaxy AI and mobile AI act as significant catalysts driving new product acquisitions,” he added.

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