Samsung Wins Unprecedented 11 Awards and Paves the Way for Signage Innovation at InfoComm 2024 – Samsung Global Newsroom Highlights

Samsung Electronics secured its dominance in digital displays at InfoComm 2024, the largest audiovisual exhibition in North America. The event took place in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 12-14 this year.

One of the main attractions at InfoComm was Samsung’s booth, stretching almost 8,800 square feet. The booth mesmerized visitors with The Wall’s captivating visuals and the Transparent MICRO LED screen, which first appeared at CES earlier in the year, adorning the entrance.

Samsung’s Achievements Shine Bright at InfoComm

During the event, Samsung achieved an exceptional feat by clinching 11 awards, showcasing top-tier visual technology solutions. Some of the awards secured were:

  • Samsung SmartThings Pro: Future Publications Installation’s Best of Show
  • Samsung SmartThings Pro: Future Publications Sound & Video Contractor’s Best of Show
  • Samsung SmartThings Pro: Future Publications IT Pro’s Best of Show
  • Samsung SmartThings Pro: Commercial Integrator’s Best Digital Signage Software
  • Samsung SmartThings Pro: Commercial Integrator’s Best Large Scale Control Systems
  • Samsung Color E-Paper: Future Publications Digital Signage’s Best of Show
  • Samsung Interactive Whiteboard (WAD series): Future Publications Tech & Learning’s Best of Show
  • Samsung Interactive Whiteboard (WAD series): SCN Installation Product Award’s Most Innovative Videoconferencing Product
  • Samsung VXT: Future Publications IT Pro’s Best of Show
  • Samsung Display Configurator: Commercial Integrator’s Best Installation Tools & Testers
  • Samsung: rAVe Reader’s Choice Favorite Display Brand

Empowering Businesses with Samsung SmartThings Pro

Samsung introduced SmartThings Pro for the first time, showcasing how interconnected businesses can revolutionize their operations with enhanced intelligence and device connectivity. Users gain access to a comprehensive dashboard for managing business operations and storefront systems, incorporating Smart Signage, air conditioning units, appliances, and lighting. Noteworthy features include AI Energy Mode, which adjusts brightness based on motion, environmental light, and content analysis.

The user-friendly dashboard offers AI analytics for connected devices, ideal for retail environments to analyze customer behavior data in stores. Hotels can leverage connected devices for automated check-in and check-out processes, paired with automatic lighting adjustments in each room based on TV content, enhancing personalized experiences for every guest.

SmartThings Pro seamlessly integrates with existing operations through customizable Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).

Alongside showcasing solutions like SmartThings Pro, Samsung emphasized products and services capable of reshaping education, retail, corporate settings, and the food and beverage industry.

Innovations in Education: AI-Enhanced Interactive Whiteboards

The Interactive Whiteboard embraced AI enhancements at InfoComm, offering teachers and administrators improved tools for facilitating seamless learning experiences. AI assesses on-screen content, voice transcripts, and educational materials to generate quizzes for students. It features voice recognition technology for easy control, in collaboration with Merlyn Mind.

Levi Belnap, Chief Revenue Officer at Merlyn Mind, expressed excitement about the AI-powered upgrades, highlighting the collaboration’s potential to revolutionize interactive displays and educational methodologies.

These AI functionalities complement the Google EDLA-certified display, facilitating a more interactive classroom environment through Google Classroom, Google Drive, and a plethora of educational tools and apps on Google Play.

Revolutionizing Retail and Grocery Experiences with Color E-Paper

Debuting at InfoComm, Samsung Color E-Paper offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional paper signage, retaining color vibrancy and versatility on a lightweight, easily maneuverable frame. Operating at a minimal 0.00W when displaying static images, the innovative technology employs E Ink Spectra 6™ to deliver stunning full-color visuals using an advanced color imaging algorithm. The accompanying mobile app facilitates quick content updates.

Enhancing Control Centers and Corporate Offices with Transparent Screens and 21:9 Video Conferencing

The right signage plays a pivotal role in facilitating quick and efficient information assimilation. Samsung’s translucent MICRO LED display, first unveiled at CES, amplifies control room visibility. Additionally, The Wall presents a vast, crystal-clear canvas for monitoring multiple setups concurrently, enabling a comprehensive visualization of all operations.

For corporate meetings, the introduction of a new 21:9 aspect ratio screen enhances video conferencing efficiency, offering an immersive viewing experience for dual displays in collaboration with Cisco Room Kit EQX.

Transforming Food and Beverage Establishments with Luminous Signage Displays

The QxC series, announced at the previous InfoComm, features an intuitive interface available in various sizes and brightness options, ideal for restaurants and food retailers. The 4K UHD resolution delivers lifelike menu item displays, complemented by energy-saving capabilities through automatic brightness adjustments based on ambient lighting conditions.

Recently, the Samsung Smart Signage QH55C from the QxC series was honored in the invidis Green Signage – Hall of Fame, recognizing its energy-efficient attributes and significant reduction in environmental impact metrics.

Enriching InfoComm Attendees with Samsung’s Expertise

During the event, Alex Lee, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics, delivered a keynote on the VXT platform at the Technology Innovation Stage. The keynote highlighted the platform’s user-friendly interface, operational efficiency, and the overarching aims of maximizing screen utilization, promoting screensharing accessibility, and introducing a native cloud-based CMS platform.

Samsung showcased its PIRS partners (Pre-Integrated and Repeatable Solutions), offering diverse micro-vertical solutions:

  • Idomoo – Instant video creation and real-time updates for customizable signage
  • Seenspire – Real-time content services for dynamic and engaging information dissemination
  • Stingray – Extensive audio and visual content library integration for enriched displays
  • VXT Art – Access to renowned art institutions’ collections
  • Wisar Digital – Integration of Point-Of-Sale (POS) systems with menu boards

Installation and setup play vital roles in optimizing signage performance, and Samsung presented solutions to simplify the process for integrators and businesses. The Samsung Display Configurator offers a virtual installation simulation for seamless planning, while the Samsung Signage Setup Assistant allows for display calibration and arrangement through a mobile app, facilitating automated setup for multiple screens and remote device control.

The InfoComm event annually attracts industry experts to the Las Vegas Convention Center’s West Hall, where a massive 10,000-square-foot Samsung LED wall greeted attendees. Samsung’s wayfinder displays and directional signage further assisted attendees in navigating the extensive exhibition space.

Once again, Samsung solidified its status as an industry trailblazer at this year’s InfoComm. The company remains committed to crafting solutions that leverage past experiences to forge new opportunities for businesses through innovative signage technologies in the days ahead.

1 The power measurement is based on IEC 62301 standards. According to the standards, the value is rounded to the second decimal place, and the average power below 0.005W is indicated as 0.00W.

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