Samsung’s Extended Wearables Collection Enables Smart Health Experiences for Everyone – Samsung Worldwide News Hub

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Samsung’s Broadened Wearables Assortment Facilitates Intelligent Health Interactions for All – Samsung Global News Hub

Today, Samsung Electronics introduced the fresh Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra, broadening the influence of Galaxy AI to a more extensive audience through wearables crafted to offer complete wellness experiences for all individuals.

Samsung’s wearables vision is to amplify digital health by delivering precise insights and customized health experiences, offering a complete perspective of oneself through a holistic strategy to everyday well-being. Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra showcase Samsung’s sensor innovations, bringing this vision to fruition.

Galaxy Ring maintains simplicity in wellness, integrating health monitoring, tracking, and personalized insights in a comfortable ring format, even wearable while asleep. Galaxy Watch7 enhances daily wellness with tailored workouts and intelligent health monitoring features. Galaxy Watch Ultra, the newest addition, aims for extraordinary feats.

“The newest wearables additions merge Samsung’s cutting-edge technologies, empowering users to seize control of their health with proactive healthcare solutions,” said TM Roh, President, and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.

Galaxy Ring equips users with around-the-clock support that evolves over time with advanced Galaxy AI technology. Seamlessly integrated into Samsung Health, data and insights provide a comprehensive platform for health management without a subscription. Beginning with sleep analysis, Galaxy Ring offers a range of metrics for detailed sleep quality assessment.

Obtaining a complete body and fitness snapshot, Galaxy Watch7 offers advanced health monitoring features, including Sleep Apnea detection, Heart Rate monitoring, ECG, and Blood Pressure monitoring. Equipped with the most potent chip in the Galaxy Watch series, Galaxy Watch7 ensures a seamless experience with a Dual-frequency GPS system.

Building on Galaxy Watch7 features, Galaxy Watch Ultra further enhances fitness experiences with advanced capabilities, including tracking multi-course workouts, measuring FTP, and providing advanced health insights. With extreme durability features, Galaxy Watch Ultra is designed for high-performance activities with premium capabilities.

Galaxy Ring, Galaxy Watch7, and Galaxy Watch Ultra will be available for pre-order on July 10 in select markets, with general availability starting from July 24.

For detailed product specifications, visit the official Samsung news article: Samsung’s Expanded Wearables Portfolio

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