Scale AI has received a $1 billion funding deal from Amazon and Meta.

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Scale AI, an artificial intelligence startup based in San Francisco, announced a significant milestone with the closing of a $1 billion Series F funding round. This latest round values the enterprise tech company at an impressive $13.8 billion, nearly double its previous valuation. The funding was led by Accel and included a diverse group of new investors such as Amazon, Meta, and other notable entities, along with participation from existing investors, bringing the total raised capital to $1.6 billion to date.

The importance of Scale AI in the realm of generative artificial intelligence and large language models cannot be overstated. The company specializes in labeling data, whether it be text, images, video, or voice recordings, essential for the effective training and implementation of AI technology. From initially supporting autonomous driving models to now assisting a wide array of organizations in improving their data for AI utilization, Scale AI has positioned itself as a key player in the advancement of AI technologies.

Founder and CEO Alexandr Wang expressed the company’s mission statement by stating, “Our calling is to build the data foundry for AI, and with today’s funding, we’re moving into the next phase of that journey – accelerating the abundance of frontier data that will pave our road to AGI.”

In addition to its commercial endeavors, Scale AI has been actively engaging with the public sector, particularly in the defense and security space. The company recently secured a contract with the Department of Defense, aiming to enhance AI capabilities across various military branches. Furthermore, Scale AI launched Donovan, a cutting-edge decision-making platform powered by AI, deployed on a classified U.S. government network, showcasing its commitment to supporting government agencies.

Looking towards a global impact, Scale AI is expanding its operations to Europe, with plans to establish a London office as its European headquarters. The company aims to collaborate with the U.K. government on AI initiatives, underscoring its ambition to contribute significantly to AI development on a global scale.

As the company continues to gain momentum in the AI landscape, Scale AI’s strategic partnerships and innovative solutions position it as a key player in the advancement of artificial intelligence technologies.

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