SEGA hints at enigmatic 4th character for Sonic x Shadow Generations

The acclaimed Sonic Generations from 2011 is commonly seen as one of the top-notch entries in Sonic’s contemporary era. Thus, the revelation of an upgraded remaster titled Sonic x Shadow Generations sparked excitement among many. Intriguingly, while the game’s announcement delved into its 3 playable characters, indications suggest there may be a clandestine 4th one.

Unearthed by the ‘Tails Channel’ on Twitter, the most recent update to the Sonic x Shadow Generations page is now hinting that in addition to Modern Sonic, Classic Sonic, and Shadow, a 4th playable character will feature in the game, with the unveiling slated as “coming soon”.

Upon the initial announcement of Sonic x Shadow Generations, numerous fans anticipated the possible arrival of a Classic Shadow for the first time, hence the absence of such a reveal was somewhat anticlimactic.

Nevertheless, it appears that this notion might still come to fruition…unless SEGA opts to resurrect Blaze the Cat.

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SEGA teases mysterious 4th character for Sonic x Shadow Generations

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