Sega’s revived Crazy Taxi is drawing influence from the racing game, Forza Horizon.

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Sega’s rejuvenated Wild Taxi is garnering influence from the racing title, Forza Horizon.

Sega has officially announced intentions to revive its timeless driving game, Wild Taxi. While the original game primarily offered a solo experience, Sega’s reinterpretation will emphasize multiplayer and open-world elements, drawing inspiration from popular racers such as Forza Horizon.

The team at Sapporo Studio, responsible for the new Wild Taxi game, recently shared a progress update indicating the development of various game modes, including stunt challenges, police pursuits, and open-world exploration. The concept aligns closely with what Playground Games achieves in Forza Horizon, providing a vast open world for players to navigate, featuring an array of races and challenges scattered throughout. These include street races, off-road competitions, rally driving, stunt trials, and more.

Transitioning from single-player development to a live-service multiplayer approach seems to be progressing smoothly, with consistent advancements from the team. Yet, Sapporo Studio is actively recruiting additional development talent to accelerate the game’s path to launch.

The new Wild Taxi game is said to be in development using Unreal Engine 5, alongside another classic Sega IP revival project for Jet Set Radio.

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