Serge Hamad collaborates with the Samsung Art Store on a new project for Samsung Global Newsroom.

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“Walking by the shoreline transports me back to my youth, gazing at reflections on the water and the way the horizon keeps shifting.”

— Serge Hamad, photographer

Serge Hamad, a visual narrator with a diverse skill set as a reporter, photographer, and artist, has shaped his extensive body of work. From covering sociopolitical matters in conflict zones during his early journalism days, he now focuses on capturing serene coastal scenes as a photographer. His work, particularly the acclaimed “Relax” series, encapsulates tranquility in his distinct style while also supporting human rights organizations through its impact.

Having grown up in the Mediterranean region, Hamad has been profoundly impacted by his enduring fascination with the sea. His photography, known for its soothing and contemplative nature, has garnered global acclaim. Since becoming part of the Samsung Art Store in 2020, his art has reached a broader audience, engaging people in new ways.

This June, Samsung Art Store introduced two more of his prominent pieces — “Beach #61” in the “Colors of Pride” collection and “Beach #64” in “Hello Summer.”

In a recent chat with Samsung Newsroom, Hamad discussed his creative process, how his background and life encounters shape his art, and the profound effect his evocative imagery has had on viewers.

The Path of an Artist

Q: Kindly narrate your voyage into the realm of visual arts. What motivated your transition in that direction?

At an earlier stage in my career, I used photography and videography to document various societal and political issues as a journalist in conflict zones. In 2011, I made the decision to pivot towards capturing more genuine and cheerful moments through my lens.

With the “Relax” series, my initial venture into fine art, I aimed to distribute serene and calm visuals to support human rights organizations. The response far exceeded my expectations, prompting me to continue on this artistic path.

Q: Your “Relax” series is quite renowned. What inspired you to focus on a series showcasing beaches?

Being born on the Mediterranean coast, I have always been captivated by the sea. Walking along the beach triggers nostalgic memories of my childhood. I used to delight in observing reflections on the water and the ever-changing horizon.

My mixed heritage, encompassing North African and Western origins, has significantly influenced my artistic vision and the themes I delve into through my work. This blend of cultures enables me to draw from diverse traditions and aesthetics, especially concerning colors, granting me a broader outlook and enabling me to interpret the world through varied lenses.

Q: How do you ensure your beach photography is truly engaging?

Creating captivating imagery necessitates meticulous planning and timing. Planning goes beyond simply checking the weather ahead of a shoot; it involves selecting the ideal filming location. For instance, I would opt for a beach near a marina for a shot featuring a boat on the horizon. To capture a pelican plunging into the sea, I would choose a specific beach and arrive an hour before sunset. The rest of the scene’s atmosphere is shaped by human interactions with natural elements.

Q: Why does the beach bear such significance for you?

Consistency ranks high on my list when crafting a collection. I kickstarted the “Relax” series at the beach because it stands as one of the most calming spots on earth for countless individuals, myself included. Working at the beach invokes memories of both the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea from my childhood.

“Initiating the ‘Relax’ series at the beach, considering it’s one of the most peaceful locales globally for many, including myself.”

Joining Forces with Samsung Art Store

Q: How do you decide which artworks to present to the Samsung Art Store? What emotions or themes do you aim to convey?

I collaborate with Samsung to choose artworks that harmonize with a specific thematic curation. This method allows me to focus on the message communicated to viewers. I aim to convey tranquility and unity through my pieces featured on the Samsung Art Store.

Q: Samsung Art Store highlighted “Beach #61” and “Beach #64” in its June collections. Could you elaborate on the significance behind these pieces?

“Beach #61” was captured in California. The rainbow-colored lifeguard station symbolizes tolerance.

“Beach #64” serves as a friendly invitation for viewers to trace my steps on a beach stroll.

Q: Among all the works you’ve made available on Samsung Art Store, what are your top three favorites?

I would select “Beach #4,” “Beach #37,” and “Beach #32.” Each photograph showcases how humans coexist with seabirds in nature.

“Beach #4” adopts a minimalistic approach to convey serenity through natural lines and colors. Before capturing this moment, I pondered who would hail a taxi to go surfing. It was only as the vehicle approached that I realized it was a lifeguard’s transport.

I couldn’t resist seizing this image of a seagull resting on a dune resembling a charcoal painting in “Beach #37.”

Even if the seagulls in “Beach #32” had flown off and were absent from the photo, we would still discern their shared presence with humans on the dune, enjoying mutual moments. Footprints from both humans and birds left on the same dune symbolize their distinct impacts on nature.

“Embracing culture in our homes is always a great idea, and The Frame does just that.”

Welcoming the Future

Q: As an artist, what’s your take on the influence of technology on the art realm?

Technology has always shaped my work and influenced my photographic approach. Every day, I utilize a variety of tools to express myself as a photographer, with different scenarios and subjects necessitating distinct tools. Advancing technology empowers artists with enhanced capabilities to express themselves, leading me to embrace both analog and digital tools.

In my view, artists across all disciplines have reaped the benefits of innovations. Throughout my photography journey, I’ve witnessed imaging technology’s democratization to a level that made it accessible to all. I believe this has birthed new artists and will continue to do so. The key point to remember is that technology serves as a tool; the artistic process unfolds within one’s mind.

Q: How do you think your collaboration with Samsung Art Store and The Frame has altered people’s appreciation of art within their homes?

The Frame represents a brilliant concept that renders art more accessible to a broader audience. Nurturing culture within our homes always proves beneficial, a concept that The Frame epitomizes.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to convey to our readers?

I’m presently immersed in a new series titled “A table here, a table there.” I aim to travel along the U.S. West Coast for a couple of months to curate this series and hope to unveil it by year-end.

1 All the “Beach” artwork on Samsung Art Store belongs to the “Relax” series.

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