Seth Lowell has declared the creation of a new characterless area called New Zenless Zone Zero.

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Seth Lowell Unveils Fresh Characterless Territory Named Novel Zenless Area Zero

The latest addition to the gaming realm, New Zenless Zone Zero, has made its debut to the gaming community, receiving immense adoration from players. This gaming universe was introduced with a variety of characters that players could unlock through standard banners. Among these characters, miHoYo has revealed the latest inclusion to the roster – Seth Lowell, marking the inaugural character in the game.

Seth emerges as a fresh face among the playable characters in Zenless Zone Zero, donning the persona of an endearing feline law enforcer within the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team. Despite his recent introduction, details regarding his capabilities and role remain shrouded in mystery.

The social media handles associated with Zenless Zone Zero have initiated the unveiling of images featuring this white-haired feline lad, accompanied by snippets of in-game dialogues attributed to Seth. Notably, the character of Seth Lowell is brought to life through the voice talents of the acclaimed Nazeeh Tarsha, renowned for his voice-over work in popular titles like Genshin Impact and Street Fighter 6.

Stepping into the gaming arena as the second playable character from the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team, Seth Lowell follows in the footsteps of the initial faction representative, Zhu Yuan. Anticipation mounts for the forthcoming introduction of a third character from this division, named Qingyi.

While specifics concerning the debut of these characters in Zenless Zone Zero remain vague, allusions suggest that Seth Lowell harbors significant ties to New Eridu, as hinted by his advisement to reach out to the Public Security department in New Eridu where he operates.

The armament and elemental attributes that Seth Lowell is poised to wield remain undisclosed at this juncture. Drawing insights purely from the snippets of dialogues released thus far, conjecture points to Seth adopting a melee combat approach utilizing either fists or close combat weaponry.

As of the present juncture, concrete release dates for the unveiling of Seth or Qingyi have yet to be confirmed. Moreover, details pertaining to their rarity await disclosure, with expectations set for a gradual reveal by miHoYo leading up to their launch. Once both Seth and Qingyi enter the fray, the playable characters belonging to the Criminal Investigation Special Response Team faction will amount to three, presenting a noticeable contrast to the singular representative from the Obol faction.

The burning question remains – will you be vying for Seth or Qingyi in the game?

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