Sharkoon’s newest Pure Writer keyboard introduces Kailh V2 Choc switches.

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Sharkoon has crafted numerous exceptional gaming keyboards throughout the years, but it also boasts a range of keyboards tailored for typists. This week, the company is unveiling the new Pure Scribe W65, presenting a petite and cordless 65% keyboard, equipped with all the advantages of a responsive mechanical switch.

The Sharkoon Pure Scribe W65 features Kailh V2 Choc low-profile mechanical switches. The Brown switch variant is a tactile switch, delivering a tangible actuation point that registers with each keystroke, minus the audible click commonly found with blue mechanical switches. Should you lean towards a linear switch with no tactile response, then you have the option of selecting a Kailh V2 Choc Red switch.

For wireless connectivity, the keyboard boasts 2.4GHz wireless capability and a USB-C port for optional cabling. Moreover, there is a physical toggle allowing you to switch between Windows and Mac modes.

Crafted with portability in mind, the Pure Scribe W65 measures just 31.2 x 10.3 centimetres and weighs a mere 432g. The keyboard is also equipped with RGB LEDs, enabling you to configure various lighting setups, effects, and hues.

The Sharkoon Pure Scribe W65 is offered in black or white, priced at €89.90.

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Sharkoon’s latest Pure Writer keyboard launches with Kailh V2 Choc switches

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