Shotcut version 24.06 now includes compatibility for Windows on ARM64.

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Shotcut’s Latest Version 24.06 Introduces Support for Windows on ARM64 Architecture

Released two months after version 24.04, Shotcut, the popular open-source video editing software, has now rolled out its newest iteration, version 24.06.

Exciting Additions in Shotcut 24.06

One of the standout features in this update is the inclusion of a native build tailored for Windows systems running on ARM64 CPUs. Moreover, Shotcut 24.06 brings forth a host of captivating features catering to both novice and seasoned video editors:

  • SVT-AV1 Encoder: A rapid, software-based AV1 encoder that enhances video rendering efficiency.
  • AVIF Support: Now compatible with AVIF (AV1) images, broadening the spectrum of supported media formats.
  • Drop Shadow Video Filter: This novel filter leverages the input alpha channel to impart depth to graphics, albeit necessitating meticulous positioning in the track order.
  • Vibrance Video Filter: Unlike typical saturation adjustments, this filter selectively enhances less saturated hues, ensuring natural skin tones are preserved in videos.
  • Mid-Side Matrix Audio Filter: Engineered for refining audio captured from Mid-Side microphones into crisp stereo sound, elevating audio clarity levels.
Shotcut 24.06 Video Editor

Furthermore, enhancements like ‘Scrub While Dragging’ in Keyframes, customizable columns within the Playlist menu, and proxy support for DJI LRF files have been incorporated to streamline workflow and file organization.

However, beyond just feature additions, Shotcut 24.06 also focuses on refinement:

  • Enhanced Frame Rate Handling: Improved identification of variable frame rates in video properties to enable more precise editing and playback.
  • Comprehensive Fixes: Ranging from graphical anomalies with GPU Effects to operational glitches in Undo functions and playlist management, this update resolves numerous issues, enhancing the software’s stability and user experience.
  • Software Upgrades: Major upgrades include the transition to Qt version 6.7 and updates to key components such as FFmpeg, OpenCV, and VMAF, ensuring compatibility with cutting-edge technologies.

For a detailed rundown of all changes in Shotcut 24.06, refer to the official release announcement on the project’s GitHub page.

You can access the application in the universal AppImage format, suitable for deployment on any Linux distribution. Additionally, installation files for Windows and macOS are also available.

Bobby Borisov

Bobby Borisov

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