Silhouette of the Earthtree Steam Player Reviews Show a Blend of Opinions, Pointing Out High Level of Challenge and Technical Problems

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Upon the launch of the Silhouette of the Erdtree extension, there was an inevitable uptick in Elden Ring activity on Steam. By Saturday, at 15:00 Coordinated Universal Time, FromSoftware’s most recent Souls-esque game had 781K simultaneous participants, coming close to the all-time high of 951K simultaneous players recorded during the game’s debut in February 2022.

Despite this surge, Steam users appear to have differing sentiments about the extension, as indicated by current evaluations. Out of 34,181 individuals who opted to provide feedback, only 65% viewed Silhouette of the Erdtree favorably, resulting in a ‘Mixed’ reception. This stands in stark contrast to the base game’s 92% user rating.

Common grievances directed towards Silhouette of the Erdtree include the heightened difficulty of the fresh content and technical hitches, the latter of which was also highlighted by Wccftech critic Francesco De Meo in his examination.

One area where Elden Ring: Silhouette of the Erdtree is definitely lacking is in its performance, particularly on PC. No improvements have been made over the original game – it still struggles to maintain consistent performance. During a benchmark test conducted in the bustling Scadu Altus open-world region, the game averaged 58 frames per second at 4K resolution, with maximum settings and no ray tracing on my system (i7-13700F, RTX 4080, 32 GB RAM). Unfortunately, the experience was not seamless, as indicated by the recorded 18 FPS 1% low, accompanied by occasional frame rate drops that, while not significantly impacting gameplay, were still noticeable.

Although infrequent, I also encountered brief freeze-ups lasting several seconds for unknown reasons, which never occurred in the base game or on a much less potent system (i7-10700, RTX 3070, 16 GB RAM). In this aspect, FromSoftware still has work to do, especially if they opt for an open-world design in their next major project.

The performance issues were prevalent in the original game as well, yet they weren’t criticized to the same extent. Could the reaction to Silhouette of the Erdtree indicate that FromSoftware might be pushing the boundaries in terms of difficulty? In a recent conversation with the Guardian, Elden Ring creator Hidetaka Miyazaki expressed his belief that reducing the difficulty could jeopardize the game.

If our aim was to attract a broader audience, we could simply dial down the difficulty more and more. However, that approach wouldn’t have been suitable. If we had done that, I don’t believe the game would have achieved what it did, as the sense of accomplishment players derive from overcoming these challenges is a fundamental aspect of the experience. Lowering the difficulty would strip the game of that satisfaction – something that, in my view, would ruin the game itself.

What are your thoughts on this intricate issue? Cast your vote in the survey and share your opinions in the comments section below!

Should FromSoftware decrease the difficulty level of its games?

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