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When it comes to foldable phones, a folding phone is what stands out. Unlike traditional bar-type smartphones with a singular body, foldables are crafted with a central hinge and two folding sides. This hinge acts as the pivotal axis for opening and closing the smartphone. Over the years, Samsung has integrated cutting-edge technology into the hinge mechanism of its Galaxy Z Fold series, resulting in a revolutionary hinge design with each iteration. Moreover, Samsung has consistently trimmed down the thickness of the Galaxy Z Fold series, making it more portable and convenient.

[2019] Galaxy Fold

The Inception of Foldable Phones: Folding and Unfolding

Thickness when folded: 15.7-17.1mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.9-7.6mm Weight: 276g


The Galaxy Fold, first introduced in 2019, brought a unique form factor to the table — delivering a seamless transition from a spacious unfolded screen to a compact folded state. This new category of mobile interaction centered around the act of “folding and unfolding,” and Samsung incorporated groundbreaking hinge technology to ensure a natural and intuitive experience.


The inward-folding hinge not only offered familiar usability but also provided robust protection for the display. Users could effortlessly open the phone like a book, maintaining a slim profile when closed. The small dimensions played a vital role in enhancing convenience. Samsung managed to achieve a remarkably thin folded thickness of merely 17.1 millimeters with the first Galaxy Fold, marking the onset of intelligent foldables.


[2020] Galaxy Z Fold2

The Era of Flex Mode: Concealed Hinge and Sweeper Technology

Thickness when folded: 13.8-16.8mm Thickness when unfolded: 6.0-6.9mm Weight: 282g


The Galaxy Z Fold2, released in 2020, elevated foldables to a whole new level with a refined and sophisticated design. One of its standout features was the Hideaway Hinge, seamlessly connecting the smartphone body while ensuring smooth folding and unfolding. Users could position the Galaxy Z Fold2 at various angles using the Hideaway Hinge, facilitating tasks like taking selfies and engaging in video calls in Flex Mode.

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