Sony has allegedly reduced financial support for in-house PS VR2 game development.

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When Sony unveiled the PlayStation VR2, expectations were high for the utilization of its own development resources to produce more remarkable VR games. However, Horizon: Call of the Mountain fell short of greatness. Now, reports indicate Sony has ‘reduced’ its VR initiatives.

According to a source speaking with Android Central, Sony is reducing funding for VR projects. Allegedly, there will be limited chances for VR development within Sony’s studios going forward. Additionally, Sony recently closed one of its UK studios, known for its VR projects.

It remains uncertain if this will also result in reduced funding for exclusive games like Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 4 Remake, solely playable in VR mode on PS5, excluding other platforms such as PC VR.

This development comes after reports of the PlayStation VR2 headset selling below expectations, falling significantly short of Sony’s ambitious sales targets upon launch.

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Sony has reportedly cut funding for first-party PS VR2 game development

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