Sony has decided to restore PlayStation Stars after a month-long period of downtime.

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Recently, a widely circulated tweet highlighted that Sony’s most recent loyalty program, PlayStation Constellations, has been inaccessible for more than a month, surpassing the significant PSN interruption of 2011. This extended period passed by without any communication from Sony. The corporation has promptly acknowledged this issue and is now in the process of reinstating the service.

If you are acquainted with Microsoft Rewards on Xbox, then PlayStation Constellations would be the nearest equivalent. Players accumulate points through game acquisitions and by fulfilling specific tasks. These points can then be exchanged for credit on the PlayStation Store, a variety of complete games, or other perks.

On the official PlayStation Constellations website, Sony has finally provided a much-anticipated update on the loyalty program, with a new message displayed on the homepage stating: “PlayStation Constellations will be making a comeback in stages across different regions. We appreciate your patience and eagerly anticipate your return.”

The reason behind the outage of PlayStation Constellations remains undisclosed, and the delay in reinstating the service has not been explained. Given that this resurfaced following a viral social media post, one cannot help but speculate if someone within Sony overlooked it. While the program is still inaccessible in the UK, reports suggest that it is gradually being restored in other global regions, indicating that it should be up and running again soon.

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