Sony is said to be developing a PS3 simulator.

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According to recent reports, Sony has supposedly been working on a PS3 emulator to catch up with Microsoft in terms of backwards compatibility. The company has already introduced updated emulators for PS2 and PSP games on the PS5, hinting at a possible PS3 emulator in the works.

Renowned leaker Jeff Grubb discussed the possibility of Sony developing a PS3 emulator for the PS5, stating that it has been a project in the works for some time now. Despite initial expectations of an earlier reveal, the anticipated emulator remains a topic of speculation.

Given the intricate nature of the PS3’s design and architecture, emulating the console has presented challenges for Sony, leading them to rely on cloud streaming for backward compatibility with older generation games.

However, the emergence of a potential PS3 emulator for current-gen consoles could signify a significant breakthrough, especially considering the vast library of PS3 titles that have yet to be accessible on the PS4 or PS5 platforms.

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