Steam reveals a fresh integrated game capture feature.

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In today’s era of social networking, it has become increasingly prevalent for gamers of all types to snapshot and distribute various gaming recordings – to the extent that all current-generation consoles provide some sort of screen capturing capability. Users of the Steam Deck, in particular, can now take advantage of Valve’s freshly unveiled ‘Game Recording’ feature – though the program is also accessible to PC enthusiasts.

Recently disclosed on their storefront, the team at Valve uncovered Steam’s new beta Game Recording software: “A novel built-in system for generating and dispersing your gameplay footage.”

Debuting as Steam Deck validated, the innovative function seems to be quite comprehensive, enabling you to capture in the background to guarantee you “never overlook a moment;” modify and trim videos to your preference; and even insert event markers at specific intervals to accentuate crucial segments of a recording.

Subsequently, you can then share your final masterpieces virtually anywhere, saving them to your internal memory or transmitting them through Steam messages.

Complete specifics on the new recording feature can be located HERE. While most PC gamers have likely been utilizing alternatives like Nvidia’s screen capturing or Windows’ native recording functionality, having an intrinsic Steam edition is a pleasant sight – especially for Steam Deck users.

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