Stellar Sword Has Achieved Sales of More Than One Million Units Since Release

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Shift Up, the acclaimed South Korean game developer, made a significant announcement during their IPO press event today. Their latest creation, Stellar Blade, has surpassed the one million units mark in sales since its launch in late April. The game’s dominance in the US sales charts for that month certainly contributed to this milestone achievement.

Originally known as Project Eve, Stellar Blade was initially planned for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. However, it was eventually revealed to be an exclusive title for the PlayStation 5, published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. Despite being available on just one platform and being a completely new intellectual property, the game’s success is truly noteworthy.

Additional impressive statistics were shared by Shift Up’s development team. The demo for Stellar Blade has been played more than twice as much as the demo for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The studio remains optimistic about the game’s future sales potential and is committed to providing ongoing updates to keep players engaged.

Exciting additions are on the horizon for Stellar Blade. An upcoming update scheduled for August will introduce a long-awaited Photo Mode. Fans can also look forward to new character skins for the protagonist Eve post-October, with a major collaboration project planned for late 2024. Furthermore, Shift Up’s CEO, Kim Hyeong-tae, confirmed that the team is actively working on downloadable content (DLCs) and the previously announced PC version, in addition to a sequel that is still in the distant future.

“In the context of Stellar Blade, our aim was to provide a comprehensive gameplay experience without the need for additional purchases. However, as time progresses, we are recognizing new player needs and are dedicated to enhancing Stellar Blade. We are also considering the development of paid DLCs, potentially involving external partnerships,” mentioned the team.

Wccftech’s review, penned by Kai Tatsumoto, awarded Stellar Blade an impressive rating of 9 out of 10:

“Stellar Blade offers a visually stunning and technically remarkable action RPG experience. While some may find the hyper-sexualized character Eve to be a drawback, fans familiar with the legacy of Bayonetta and 2Booty culture will appreciate the character designs. Stellar Blade stands as a phenomenal action game and a must-play PlayStation exclusive once the little ones are asleep.”

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