Surpassing Runs At 720p Quality, Virtually Stable 60 FPS in Unveiling Preview

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Yesterday’s unveil of Metroid Prime 4: Beyond showcased gameplay footage that was evidently captured on the original Nintendo Switch, as per recent findings from a technical review.

An analysis by Nintendo World Report after the game’s first official trailer scrutinized the resolution and frame rate, determining that all gameplay segments featured maintained a 720p resolution. This essentially confirms the capture took place on the current Switch model as opposed to the more advanced successor slated for release next year. Despite the relatively modest resolution by contemporary standards, the framerate of Metroid Prime 4: Beyond appears to be solid at 60 frames per second in the displayed sequences from the trailer. The only exception to this smooth performance was during the transformation of Samus into her ball form, which resulted in a brief drop in framerate. Given that the game is still several months away from its launch, the final version may witness alterations, rendering the 720p resolution target for docked mode uncertain.

In addition to resolution and framerate, Nintendo World Report examined the visual aspects of Metroid Prime 4: Beyond, including the impressive pre-rendered lighting system that enhances the visuals in various scenarios. However, the showcased gameplay snippets do not provide sufficient evidence regarding the potential inclusion of real-time ambient occlusion, as there are conflicting elements that make it inconclusive.

Metroid Prime 4: Beyond is scheduled to debut on the Nintendo Switch worldwide in 2025.

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