SVS’s latest subwoofer adapter changes speaker outputs to line-level.

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SVS Unveils Newest Subwoofer Converter that Transforms Speaker Outputs to Line-Level Signals.

SVS, renowned for their top-notch speakers and subwoofers, has introduced a groundbreaking addition to their lineup of accessories. The compact SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter, priced at $80, aims to cater to owners of older stereo receivers and integrated amplifiers lacking line-level outputs by converting speaker-level signals to line-level, ensuring a seamless connection to powered subwoofers while maintaining audio fidelity.

At dimensions of 1.5 x 4 x 4 inches, the adapter incorporates precision resistors and wide-trace PCBs to step down the high voltage required for driving speakers to a low-voltage line-level signal, delivering broad bandwidth and minimal distortion for a clear signal transmission. Boasting a rated bandwidth of 10 Hz-80 kHz with an impressive accuracy of ±0.01 dB, the device is designed to uphold audio quality.

The adapter sports corrosion-resistant 24K-gold plating on its RCA outputs and binding-post style inputs, accommodating various connection types, including bare wire setups, spade connectors, and banana plugs. SVS President Gary Yacoubian emphasized the versatility of the subwoofer adapter, addressing the growing demand to link SVS subwoofers with vintage audio equipment, stating, “Vintage audio gear is experiencing a comeback and we’ve seen a big uptick in demand for people wanting to connect SVS subwoofers to legacy components.”

Yacoubian further highlighted the comprehensive design process undertaken to exceed the expectations of audiophiles and hi-fi enthusiasts, ensuring optimal performance for discerning users. For those interested in the SoundPath Speaker Level Subwoofer Adapter and other SVS accessories, further details can be found on


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