System76 Introduces COSMIC Brand and Fresh Logo

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The COSMIC desktop environment by System76 has been creating quite a buzz within the open-source community this year, generating high levels of excitement. And rightfully so.

Unlike certain other desktop interfaces that are essentially modified versions of existing ones, COSMIC is uniquely crafted from the ground up and coded in the Rust programming language. This is a significant development.

Anticipated to disrupt the market currently dominated by KDE Plasma and GNOME, there is an expectation that it will attract a considerable portion of GNOME’s user base in particular.

What sets COSMIC apart? The environment stemmed from a dissension regarding the constraints, trajectory, and imposed ideologies of GNOME developers concerning the appearance and functionality of the desktop environment.

In light of this discord, progress is gradually being made, with the desktop environment now sporting an official emblem and motto. The fresh COSMIC brand, unveiled this week, showcases a captivating new logo that reflects System76’s commitment to open-source software and customization driven by users.

The logo showcases an open ‘O’ symbolizing both a computer display and COSMIC’s open-source ethos. Beneath this, a gradient orange-red mark suggests a keyboard, emphasizing the extensive customization capabilities offered to users.

The new COSMIC brand, Image credits: System76

Enacting ideas, empowering users,” is the new slogan for COSMIC, encompassing the brand’s emphasis on enabling developers and users to personalize their computing experiences based on their specific requirements.

Moreover, System76 has announced an array of markdowns and special offers as part of the COSMIC Freedom Sale, scheduled from June 26th to July 9th, to commemorate the launch of COSMIC.

It is evident that System76 strategically timed the COSMIC Freedom Sale to align with July 4th, America’s Independence Day, using this patriotic occasion as a thematic backdrop to advocate user autonomy and liberty through technology.

The analogy is clear: just as Independence Day celebrates freedom and self-governance, COSMIC upholds similar principles in the digital domain, empowering users to tailor their computing environments to suit their preferences and needs.

During this sale period, customers can avail discounts of up to $200 on selected laptops and desktops, including popular models such as the Lemur Pro, Pangolin, and Oryx Pro. Additionally, substantial savings are offered on various keyboard models, with discounts of up to $50.

Furthermore, every purchase of a laptop or desktop during the sale period includes a complimentary COSMIC T-shirt and stickers, adding an extra layer of festivity for the brand’s enthusiasts.

Finally, a critical query arises regarding the anticipated debut of the new COSMIC desktop environment. While there is no definitive date for the final stable release, System76 has indicated that an official Alpha variant will be available by the conclusion of July.

Although the journey has spanned over two years, the anticipation continues to grow. Once the bulk of the development is finalized and the Alpha version is released for public testing, the pace of progress is anticipated to accelerate. Consequently, a little more patience is required to witness the unfolding of events.

For additional information, refer to System76’s blog post.

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