The 20th Anniversary Edition of Beyond Good & Evil is set to launch this week.

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Ubisoft revealed intentions to reintroduce Beyond Good & Evil once more with a fresh 20th Commemorative Edition that includes some clues regarding what’s in store for the highly anticipated follow-up, Beyond Good & Evil 2. After a lengthy wait for a release date announcement, Ubisoft has at last verified that the new reissue will hit the shelves this week.

Beyond Good & Evil: 20th Commemorative Edition is debuting on the 25th of June. The original game launched in November 2003, leaving Ubisoft with only a few months to release this remaster without needing to rename it. A 21st Commemorative Edition doesn’t have the same ring to it. Below, you can view the launch trailer, offering a glimpse of what enthusiasts can anticipate from this updated version of the game.

This is not a redo, so the game still retains the appearance of an early 3D adventure game, as opposed to a contemporary graphical showcase. Nonetheless, the animated art style can mask many imperfections and does appear sharper at higher resolutions. This remaster will operate at 4K/60FPS on current-generation consoles, while PC gamers will have the ability to elevate resolutions and frame rates as high as their hardware permits.

Beyond Good & Evil 2 is still in the works at Ubisoft, but it has encountered numerous delays since its revelation in 2017. Strangely, the game is still up for pre-order for Xbox One and PS4 platforms through vendors like Amazon, even though it is highly improbable the game will be released on those platforms at this juncture. The new remaster for the original game incorporates a freshly introduced ‘narrative link’ between the initial game and its impending sequel, hopefully signaling that the blueprint for Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now solidified.

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