The Black Legend of Wukong is now exclusively available at launch on PlayStation.

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Despite the Ebony Myth Wukong being revealed for Xbox Series X/S, PS5, and PC from the beginning, this month, we discovered that the game would not be accessible on Xbox during its launch. This swiftly sparked speculations that the game developers were facing challenges in getting the game to function on Xbox Series S. Nevertheless, a recent announcement suggests that the primary issue is the fact that the game’s publisher has entered into a belated timed exclusivity agreement.

A message sent to Windows Central by a Microsoft representative stated: “We are eagerly anticipating the release of the Ebony Myth Wukong on Xbox Series X|S and are collaborating with Game Science to deliver the game to our platforms. We are unable to comment on the agreements made by our partners with other platform operators, but our focus remains on establishing Xbox as the supreme platform for gamers, with exceptional games at the forefront of this vision.”

It is unclear whether Microsoft is aware of a new exclusivity agreement between Sony and Game Science, the creators of the game. Nevertheless, judging by that statement, there seems to be a belief that an exclusivity contract has been inked. Should this be true, then Game Science’s remark on the Xbox delay may come across as somewhat dubious.

In their official delay announcement, the studio indicated that they are currently “fine-tuning” the Xbox edition of the game but it will not be prepared in time for its launch. This has reignited gossip that the Xbox Series S is impeding game progress. If the genuine cause for the postponement is indeed a PlayStation exclusivity deal, then Game Science ought to verify this to dispel any uncertainties.

Game Science has yet to reply to Microsoft’s recent statement regarding the status of Ebony Myth Wukong.

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Black Myth Wukong appears to now be a PlayStation launch exclusive

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