The Collective Journey to AI Breakthroughs – Samsung Global Newsroom

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The Journey Towards Breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence – Samsung’s Global Newsroom

Exploring the path to democratizing mobile AI, Samsung Research in India is at the forefront of innovation, showcasing the individuals and advancements driving the evolution of Galaxy AI. With support for 16 languages, including offline translation features such as Live Translate and Browsing Assist, Galaxy AI is empowering users worldwide. This journey takes us to India this time, revealing the significance of partnerships with local entities in advancing AI language capabilities.

Deep within the Vellore Institute of Technology in Chennai, India, lies a cutting-edge lab equipped with state-of-the-art audio technology. From mannequins simulating human heads to specialized soundproof chambers, this facility stands as a pioneer in the country, instrumental in developing high-end audio equipment. Samsung collaborates with this institute to generate data and insights crucial for enhancing Galaxy AI’s language models.

The partnership between the Vellore Institute of Technology and Samsung under the SEED Labs initiative has paved the way for students and staff to engage in impactful projects since 2021. This collaboration not only fosters innovation but also provides invaluable practical experience to aspiring professionals.

Yashika Ilanchezhiyan, a Samsung SEED student, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “Working on various projects alongside a reputable company like Samsung has been a rewarding learning experience. I feel privileged to contribute to the development of current and future products.”

Breaking Language Barriers

The collaborative efforts of Samsung Research & Development Institute in Bangalore have contributed to the evolution of AI language models catering to various English variants, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian. Engineers from different Samsung Research centers congregated in Bangalore to enhance Galaxy AI with Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian language support, strategically positioning SRI-B for the addition of Hindi to the AI repertoire.

Jakki, the Head of Language AI at Samsung R&D Institute India – Bangalore, emphasized the challenges and rewards of language development, particularly in enabling seamless cross-lingual communication through AI technologies.

Developing the Hindi AI model posed intricate challenges due to the language’s diverse dialects, tonal variations, and incorporation of English elements. Extensive training and meticulous data curation were essential to ensure the model’s accuracy and linguistic nuances.

Partnering with academic institutions like the Vellore Institute of Technology facilitated the acquisition of vast audio datasets essential for incorporating Hindi, the fourth most spoken language globally, into Galaxy AI. Samsung’s collaboration with universities ensures the utilization of top-tier data sources for optimal AI performance.

Global Partnerships, Significant Impact

Encapsulating Samsung’s commitment to collaborative innovation, the partnership between SRI-B and academic institutions underscores the shared vision of driving meaningful advancements in AI. By fostering open dialogue and knowledge exchange, Samsung continues to lead the way in leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise for transformative innovations.

Jakki expressed pride in the accomplishments achieved through collaborative efforts, highlighting the ongoing commitment to enhancing language data analysis and accessibility to AI tools for a broader audience in the future.

Source: Samsung Global Newsroom

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