The Condition of Kubernetes Security in 2024

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The Overview of Kubernetes Security for 2024 survey reveals that with the increase in Kubernetes’s popularity, the significance of security planning and tooling escalates. Our yearly analysis delves into some of the most prevalent cloud-native security obstacles and business repercussions that companies encounter presently, providing us with deeper insight into their methodologies and priorities.

This review is constructed on a poll of 600 DevOps, engineering, and security experts globally from organizations spanning small businesses to large corporations. It furnishes insights into:

  • Particular security hazards that organizations confront and the measures they are implementing to alleviate these hazards.
  • The kinds and frequencies of security occurrences that businesses confront in Kubernetes settings.
  • The allocation of Kubernetes security duties throughout the enterprise.
  • Recommendations for diminishing risks throughout the lifecycles of applications.

Peruse some of the standout points below and access the comprehensive analysis to delve deeper into the discoveries, and to obtain three suggestions for enhancing the security of your cloud-native environments.

Security incidents are possible in every stage of the application lifecycle, and can stem from various sources. Despite Kubernetes’s popularity, numerous organizations remain cautious in their strategies. Forty-two percent (42%) of participants highlight security as a primary concern with container and Kubernetes plans, recognizing the complications that may arise from security incidents, weaknesses, and misconfigurations at distinct phases of the application lifecycle.

Current approaches to containers raise apprehensions related to security, as 42% of participants reveal that their organization lacks adequate resources to tackle container security and linked threats, notably given the heightened intricacy accompanying contemporary computing environments.

Have you ever postponed or decelerated application deployment into production due to container or Kubernetes security concerns?

Security challenges persist in influencing business outcomes, with 67% of participants indicating that their corporations have deferred or decelerated application development due to escalating security worries. The intricacy of Kubernetes environments based on containers also contributes to the difficulties that some organizations still face.

DevSecOps methodologies are prevalent in organizations, as 42% of participants confirm the existence of DevSecOps endeavors in an advanced phase within their company. Concurrently, 48% of participants disclose that their enterprise values DevSecOps and is in the initial adoption phase, with teams cooperating on protocols and operations. This signals a noticeable enhancement from the prior year when only 39% of participants reported being at this juncture.

Is there a DevSecOps initiative in your enterprise?

Source: Red Hat – The State of Kubernetes Security in 2024

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