The creators of Star Wars Outlaws carefully adjusted its dimensions to guarantee constant enjoyment.

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Less than sixty days away from its release on August 30, Star Wars Rebels has teamed up with IGN to disclose additional insights about the expansive game in the course of July.

One of the key features unveiled is a video discussion with the Creative Leads Julian Gerighty and Mathias Karlson. The pair affirmed that the emphasis was on excellence rather than quantity.

Julian Gerighty: Our aim isn’t mere size; it must be contained, consistently entertaining, and offer diverse activities.

Mathias Karlson: It’s about balancing scale with substance. When you encounter something exceptional, something that stands out, there should always be an engaging activity waiting for you there. This recurrence ensures that the bespoke content and quests seamlessly blend with the overall experience.

During our own interview with the Star Wars Rebels team at Summer Game Fest, they revealed that the game’s scale would effectively double when factoring in the supplemental content. This includes specialized missions, like aiding other non-playable characters in exchange for favors, quick tasks for underworld factions, playing Sabacc or the Asteroid Field arcade shooter, and more. Additionally, spontaneous events occur throughout the game, as stated by Gerighty to IGN:

Every few minutes, there will be something unfolding, whether it’s an ambush, Imperial forces detaining civilians, or clashes with criminal groups. The choice to engage or ignore these events is entirely yours.

The video feature also delves into the method of uncovering additional information and expanding the maps of the planets. Rather than the traditional Ubisoft towers, Massive opted for a more natural approach, as explained by Gerighty:

You’ll need to take risks. By visiting Cantinas to overhear conversations that lead you to hidden locations in the open world, you unravel new territories. A fog of war waits to be dispelled, feeding on your curiosity to reveal even more.

Notably, Ubisoft Massive strived to animate the universe of Star Wars Rebels. For instance, if you maintain good relations with certain underworld factions and they are nearby during a skirmish with the Empire, they will come to your aid.

Star Wars Rebels has already reached the ‘gold’ status, ensuring no further delays. To explore a comprehensive overview of the game, refer to this article.

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