The demo showcasing the capabilities of Unreal Engine 5.4 set in a forgotten cemetery is experiencing difficulties in maintaining smooth performance when running at its native 4K resolution on an RTX 4080.

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Based on a separate Unreal Engine 5.4 demonstration, the native 4K resolution is starting to appear as a resolution that only the top-tier GPUs will manage to handle with satisfactory performance.

In a recent upload, MxBenchmark PC presented a fresh video exhibiting the Forgotten Cemetery demo crafted by Scans Factory running at 4K and 1440p resolutions, Epic settings on an RTX 4080 GPU. As observed in other technical demonstrations powered by the latest iteration of the Epic engine, the NVIDIA GPU, still positioned among the most potent GPUs available, struggles to properly handle native 4K resolution, only reaching the 50-60 FPS realm in select scenarios during both day and night segments. Performance improves noticeably at 1440p resolution, although the framerate remains somewhat unsteady.

While these Unreal Engine 5.4 showcases are evidently not yet refined, they underscore that the engine still requires substantial refinement to attain an acceptable standard of performance. The recent edition of the engine introduces notable performance enhancements, yet stability still presents room for improvement, as outlined in an assessment shared the previous month.

Aside from performance enhancements, Unreal Engine 5.4 introduces a novel Nanite Adaptive Tessellation alternative, Heterogenous Volumes capable of generating realistic and dynamic smoke and clouds, enhanced Temporal Super Resolution upscaling, simplified integration of AI and machine learning utilities, enhancements in performance and shared compilation, and various other additions. Extensive details on the engine can be accessed on its official website.

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Source: Wccftech

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