The director of Final Fantasy XVI hopes for a wide audience to enjoy the game, potentially suggesting a release on Xbox following the initial PC launch.

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One year has passed since the launch of Final Fantasy XVI on PlayStation 5. This recent addition to Square Enix’s cherished series garnered favorable reviews at its release but fell short of the publisher’s sales expectations. This realization prompted Square Enix to pivot towards a comprehensive multiplatform approach, as disclosed last month under the new corporate strategy.

The development of a PC version for Final Fantasy XVI is already in progress, with its release expected soon. However, in a commemorative message shared on the official Twitter/X account marking the first anniversary, Game Director Hiroshi Takai hinted at a wider potential player base by expressing the team’s desire for the game to reach as many individuals as possible.

With the first anniversary of FINAL FANTASY XVI’s launch upon us already. We extend our gratitude to all those who engaged with the game! On behalf of the team, I wish to convey our appreciation to each of you.
Moreover, we have also introduced the downloadable content episodes “Echoes of the Fallen” and “The Rising Tide,” and I trust everyone is enjoying these supplementary offerings alongside the main adventure. The development unit is currently dedicated to crafting the PC edition.

We aspire to broaden access to FINAL FANTASY XVI, enabling a more extensive audience to partake in the experience. Keep an eye out for further updates on that front. Thank you for your ongoing support of FINAL FANTASY XVI!

Enthusiasts of the Xbox platform have interpreted this announcement as a potential indication of the game’s forthcoming availability on Microsoft’s console. This speculation doesn’t appear implausible, especially following the successful introduction of Final Fantasy XIV and the affirmed commitment to Xbox by Square Enix’s new CEO, Takashi Kiryu. However, the actualization of this expansion will hinge on the specific terms of the exclusivity agreement initially struck between Square Enix and Sony.

If this materializes, users of the Xbox ecosystem can anticipate a comprehensive edition encompassing the recently unveiled Final Fantasy XVI DLCs: Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide. Producer Naoki Yoshida has already alluded to the likelihood of this amalgamation occurring with the PC iteration.

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