The ex-EVGA overclocker known as KINGPIN has joined the team at PNY.

Acclaimed overclocker Vince “KINGPIN” Lucido has joined forces with PNY to innovate next-generation GPUs for hardcore overclocking. This announcement brings good news for enthusiasts eagerly anticipating KINGPIN’s next venture after EVGA’s exit from the premium GPU market, which left a noticeable gap in the industry.

KINGPIN, renowned for his expertise in pushing hardware to the extreme, unveiled this partnership in a recent interview with Gamers Nexus at Computex 2024. Previously, he spearheaded the development of EVGA’s top-tier KINGPIN models, focusing on maximizing GPUs’ performance capabilities. However, with EVGA stepping back from the GPU market, KINGPIN began exploring options to collaborate with a new company for cutting-edge GPU designs.

In his quest, PNY emerged as KINGPIN’s preferred collaborator. While he had discussions with various firms like GALAX and ASUS, he voiced reservations about partnering with them due to a crowded landscape, mentioning “too many chefs in the kitchen” with these companies already having in-house overclockers. Moreover, he held discussions with MSI, but the company did not display a strong interest in developing GPUs for intense overclocking. In contrast, PNY has shown significant interest in revolutionizing the high-end GPU sector.

KINGPIN pointed out a distinct gap in the high-end GPU arena, a gap he aims to bridge through this collaboration. The next-gen GPU designs influenced by KINGPIN are anticipated to make their debut with the upcoming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series of GPUs, carrying forward the established legacy from EVGA to PNY.

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