The game Bioshock created with the powerful Unreal Engine 5 is a visual feast. The artist behind former Halo Infinite and Immortals of Aveum has crafted an incredible imagining that is sure to impress.

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An innovative Bioshock Unreal Engine 5 enthusiast concept video has just been unveiled, showcasing Bioshock-themed environmental artwork within Epic’s gaming engine.

We have featured a multitude of Unreal Engine 5 videos since the engine’s debut in 2022, but we felt compelled to share this specific one, crafted by a former artistic designer who worked on Microsoft’s Halo Infinite, as well as the more recent Immortals of Aveum and Amazon’s New World – Kaleb Nekumanesh. This nearly five-minute fan concept was designed using Unreal Engine 5 in conjunction with Megascans, custom models, materials, decals, and assets from the marketplace. It is an awe-inspiring video that provides a glimpse into what a contemporary iteration of Bioshock could potentially look like. Be sure to watch the video below and share your thoughts with us.

Nekumanesh, as an artist, has contributed to several high-profile games, such as Halo Infinite (Level Design and Gameplay Design), New World (Terrain and POI Artist), and Immortals of Aveum.

The release of Bioshock in 2007 is often lauded as one of the greatest games ever made. While some argue that Bioshock 2 excels in shooting mechanics, many would concur that the original Bioshock surpasses it in terms of narrative, atmosphere, and character development. Ken Levine, the mastermind behind Bioshock, is currently engaged in the development of Judas, a project that is rumored to share similarities with Bioshock regarding weaponry and abilities.

Regarding the Bioshock franchise, in 2019, 2K officially confirmed the development of a new installment in the series by the studio Cloud Chamber. David Ismailer, President of 2K, stated, “As we expand our product lineup, we are continually motivated by opportunities to further invest in our valuable intellectual properties, exceptional talent, and their collective enduring potential. BioShock stands out as one of the most cherished, critically acclaimed, and top-rated franchises of the previous console generation. We are eagerly anticipating the direction its compelling narrative and iconic first-person shooter gameplay will take in the future, with our new studio team at Cloud Chamber at the helm.”

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