The highly anticipated sequel to Garry’s Mod, ‘S&Box’, has at last granted early access to users for preview.

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Garry’s Mod has been enduring for decades at this point, yet the crew at Face Punch studios has been diligently working on a spiritual heir known as S&Box, which will make use of Valve’s newer Source 2 engine. Up to now, the game has been sealed off to most owing to an invite-only testing program. Nonetheless, the studio is finally prepared to allow more players in.

Securing access to the S&Box trial has not been simple, usually necessitating some mod development credentials, or game developer affiliations to be granted entry. Initially, this approach made sense, as similar to Garry’s Mod, S&Box will depend on community contributors to create new game modes. Nevertheless, we are now several years into production, signaling it is high time to extend access to a broader audience.

Face Punch confirmed in the June 2024 S&Box development blog that they are intending to discard the existing invite mechanism. Instead, registration for beta access will be made available to all. While you will still require approval to reach the preview edition of the game, you will no longer have to inundate Garry on his social channels for an invite key.

The specific launch schedule for S&Box remains uncertain, but the shift towards a more widely accessible preview is promising. It is still anticipated that the game will enter early access once it eventually becomes open to all gamers.

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