The initial offspring makes an impressive debut on the Steam Top 10 rankings upon release, even with a blend of positive and negative critiques.

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Upon its release, The Early Heir comes forth into the spotlight of the Steam Top 10 rankings, showcasing a mixture of positive and negative appraisals from critics and players alike. Despite the divergent opinions, the game manages to secure a position among the top contenders, signifying a notable achievement.

After an initial preview two years ago preceding a PC trial period, NEXON has rolled out The Primary Descendant, an action-packed third-person looter shooter available for free. Throughout the intervening period, this title powered by the Unreal Engine 5 underwent several refinements and enhancements, some of which were directly influenced by the feedback from enthusiasts (with over two million participants engaging in the cross-play beta).

Beomjun Lee, as the Game Producer at NEXON Games, expressed in a public statement:

Our vision for The Early Descendant as our primary international multi-platform debut was to craft an experience that echoes the sentiments of our player community. Our ambition aimed not only at creating a game that resonates with our values but also delivers joy and satisfaction to our players over an extended period. We incorporated numerous adjustments based on the community’s input for the launch, hoping to enrich the gameplay further.

Furthermore, Minseok Joo, the Game Creative Director at NEXON Games, added:

To all our supporters, we extend our heartfelt gratitude from the entire development team for embarking on this journey alongside us against The Vulgus. When we first conceived this project in 2019, our goal was to construct a universe inspired by our fondness for looter shooter games. This genre holds a special place in our hearts, and our dedicated team has diligently labored to ensure that our creation proudly stands among the eminent titles in the genre.

The game allows players to select one of the 19 playable characters known as the Primary Descendants, heroic figures defending humanity against the encroaching alien forces of The Vulgus. The roster of playable characters comprises 14 unique Descendants and 5 elite Ultimate Descendants. The launch build introduces three new playable characters: Esiemo, Enzo, and Yujin. Esiemo’s gameplay revolves around explosives with a distinctive and dynamic style; Enzo serves as a support character capable of ammunition supply, making him ideal for tactical scenarios. Yujin, on the other hand, fulfills a healing role and introduces innovative cooperative strategies when played in tandem with another player. Additionally, new high-performance Ultimate Descendants like Ultimate Ajax, Ultimate Bunny, and Ultimate Grey have been integrated, joining the previously unveiled Ultimate Lepic and Ultimate Viessa.

Similar to other looter shooter games, players progress by enhancing their character’s attributes and equipment through the acquisition of loot, specifically modules (totaling 560 in number). The Early Descendant incorporates 11 diverse weapon categories and 22 Ultimate weapons at launch. Modules can amplify attack potency, alter recoil patterns, and introduce additional effects for tactical advantage.

The endgame content encompasses instanced dungeons labelled Infiltration Operations and sizeable boss encounters referred to as Void Intercept Battles. In the former, players can opt for normal or hard difficulty levels, while the latter allows the inclusion of challenge modifiers to increase the stakes. The accumulation of more challenge modifiers leads to additional points, thereby unlocking greater rewards. The launch content includes 16 Infiltration Operations.

Within the Void Intercept Battles, Descendants embark on conquering colossal Colossi bosses equipped with distinctive attack strategies, necessitating a tailored approach to exploit their weaknesses. This segment of the game encourages cooperative play for up to four players but also accommodates solo completion. At launch, players can encounter 16 bosses, including Executioner, Dead Bride, Devourer, Pyromaniac, Swamp Walker, Obstructer, Frost Walker, and Molten Fortress.

Signifying a significant narrative improvement based on community feedback, the main storyline has been enhanced to offer a more immersive experience. Descendants now feature as NPCs (non-player characters) throughout the narrative, each holding unique quests to delve deeper into their personalities. The introductory quest featuring Bunny is already accessible at launch, with promises of further character-centered quests in the future.

Notably, a substantial portion of gamers have engaged with The Primary Descendant, propelling this new entry from NEXON to secure a spot on Steam’s coveted Top 10 list. As per the latest statistics, the game currently claims the #6 position, trailing behind titles like Counter-Strike 2, Dota 2, Elden Ring, PUBG, and Banana, with approximately 217K concurrent players online, as reported by SteamDB. However, user reviews currently display a divergent trend, with only 42% of the 5,349 posted reviews recommending the game.

Moreover, The Primary Descendant incorporates support for NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 (Super Resolution, Frame Generation, and Ray Reconstruction), NVIDIA DLAA, and Reflex on PC. According to NVIDIA, the GeForce RTX 4090 can maintain an average framerate of 125 FPS at 4K, enabled by a 2.5X DLSS augmentation, with ray tracing activated and Super Resolution configured to Performance mode.

For AMD users, the game offers compatibility with AMD FSR 2.2 (with an upcoming transition to FSR 3) and supports Intel XeSS 1.1. HDR10+ displays are also compatible with the game, offering enhanced visual fidelity. Additionally, for players with lower-spec PCs, cloud streaming via GeForce becomes a viable option.

On console platforms, players can select from three graphical modes: Fidelity, Balanced, and Performance, with optional features like Ray Tracing and AMD Frame Generation for fine-tuning visual elements.

The story of the game concludes with an emphasis on shared experiences and participation, highlighting the collaborative nature of gameplay.

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