The Intel Arrow Lake-S Core Ultra 3 (Core i3) may potentially be a Raptor Lake Refresh upgrade.

According to the latest gossip, Intel’s forthcoming 15th Generation – or shall we say the Core UItra 200 “Arrow Lake-S” processors might not include the basic Core Ultra 3 (Core i3) models. Instead, they could be revamped versions from the 13th or 14th Generation Raptor Lake. This implies that the Arrow Lake desktop series could encompass chips built on three different process technologies: TSMC’s 3nm (N3B) for the top-tier K-series CPUs, Intel’s 20A for the mid-range non-K Core i5/Core Ultra 5 processors, and Intel 7 for the entry-level Core i3/Core Ultra 3 variants.

Update: Recent information suggests that it may be a refresh based on Meteor Lake (Intel 4).

The same source also reports the absence of any Core i9/Core Ultra 9 “F” models. This would mean that the likes of Core i9-14900KF and Core i9-14900F won’t have dedicated successors, and all will be superseded by the Core Ultra 9 285K and Core Ultra 9 275. Further details regarding the Arrow Lake series and its specifications/architecture are available in the linked article.

The final piece of this leaked intel hints at Intel’s holdup in confirming the power constraints for Arrow Lake. Following the widespread mishaps with the 13th and 14th Generation K-series models, Intel has instructed its board partners to adhere to the 253W PL2 and 400A Iccmax limits. It remains ambiguous whether the same limits will be applicable to the Arrow Lake-S desktop chips, however, the original poster claims to have encountered SKUs with PL2 ratings reaching 293W.

Intel Arrow Lake Power delivery profile

Full article can be accessed at: Intel Arrow Lake-S Core Ultra 3 (Core i3) – Raptor Lake Refresh.

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