The latest super-bright OLED panel from LG may provide the upcoming Meta Quest with a competitive advantage against the Apple Vision Pro.

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Is LG going to take over XR?

LG Display has unveiled an eye-wateringly bright OLED display that’s specially designed for VR headsets – a 10,000-nit OLEDoS (OLED on silicon) panel that could help to bring Meta headsets more in line with the Apple Vision Pro’s visual superiority. For context, the Meta Quest 3’s displays offer a mere 100 nits, while Apple’s Vision Pro’s OLEDoS panels are rated to achieve 5,000 nits – though there’s no official word on whether they ever get that bright.

LG’s 10,000-nit screens would blow all of these out of the water, though they’d only be half as bright as the 20,000-nit prototype Meta headset I’ve tested in the past (appropriately called Starburst). The advantage is that these super-bright headsets can deliver much more life-like HDR – meaning darker spaces seem darker, while bright objects truly glow like you’d expect them to in the real world.

Starburst was so heavy I had to hold it with two hands (Image credit: Future)

For a tech enthusiast, LG’s new VR OLED screen is a game-changer with an ultra-high 4,000 pixel per inch resolution. That’s over triple the Quest 3’s 1,218 pixel per inch resolution, and LG still beats out the Vision Pro’s 3,386 pixels per inch. The potential for more immersive experiences is enormous with this kind of display technology.

However, despite the impressive specifications, running at 10,000 nits constantly may not be feasible. The heat generation and battery drain could be significant drawbacks. Nevertheless, the advancements in display technology are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the VR space.

There’s no word yet on when or even if LG’s OLEDoS panel will appear in an actual VR headset that consumers could purchase. Speculation points towards a collaboration with Meta, which could see this technology integrated into the next Meta Quest Pro. The future of XR technology seems promising with companies like LG pushing the envelope in display innovation.

It remains to be seen whether LG’s OLEDoS panel will revolutionize the XR industry or if it will be reserved for a more exclusive product lineup. Regardless, the excitement surrounding this cutting-edge display technology is palpable, and it could potentially set a new standard for immersive VR experiences.

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