The leak hints at the arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10, poised to compete with the iPad.

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Emerging as successors to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 series, the next line of tablets appears to be on the horizon, with a recent leak shedding light on the model variations being primed to challenge Apple’s premium iPad range. Initially reported by Android Headlines, leaked model numbers have surfaced, hinting at the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 Ultra, both aimed at an international launch.

While there is no mention of a standard Samsung Galaxy Tab S10 in this leak, it’s likely due to the device possibly still being in its early developmental stages. Anticipations suggest a base model will also be part of the lineup, but details regarding it remain scarce at this point.

Although the leak doesn’t provide extensive insights, it does signal that groundwork is being laid to introduce viable Android alternatives to challenge the recently released Apple iPad Air 13-inch (2024) and iPad Pro 13-inch (2024), setting the stage for an interesting battle in the tablet market.

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