The long-awaited update for the popular Snapseed photo editing app has arrived, although it does not include AI technology.

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Google’s popular photo editing app, Snapseed, has finally received a long-awaited update on the Play Store for Android devices. Despite boasting over 100 million downloads, the latest update does not feature AI technology, a common feature in many modern photo editing apps.

The absence of AI-powered tools in this update contrasts starkly with Google’s own Google Photos app, which offers advanced features like Magic Eraser and Best Take. Since Google acquired Snapseed in 2012, updates have been relatively sparse, with major overhauls in 2017 and 2023 to ensure compatibility with Android 13.

Mobile phone with the Snapseed app editor on display

(Image credit: Future | Tim Coleman)

The future of Snapseed remains uncertain as the mobile app landscape evolves towards AI-driven editing solutions. While the recent update signifies Google’s commitment to maintaining Snapseed for its existing user base, the lack of AI features raises questions about the app’s long-term viability.

As a devoted user of Snapseed, I hold onto the hope that this beloved photo editing app will continue to stand the test of time, even in the face of AI advancements in the industry. The app’s robust editing capabilities, exemplified in the photo edits it enables, make it a valuable tool worth preserving. Only time will reveal what Google’s ultimate plans are for Snapseed and whether it will adapt to the changing technological landscape.

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