The mastermind behind Silent Hill asserts that Slitterhead serves as a religious successor to Siren.

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Keiichiro Toyama is a renowned figure in the gaming sector, having birthed the legendary Mute Hill franchise alongside niche favorites Gravity Rush and Alarm. Toyama’s forthcoming title Slasherhead caught many off guard during Summer Game Fest when it was unveiled to be much more action-focused in contrast to Quiet Hill. As stated by the originator, Slasherhead is essentially a reinterpretation of Alarm “as a contemporary action game.”

In a conversation conducted by Famitsu (and translated by Automaton), Keiichiro Toyama was questioned about the imminent Slasherhead. Scheduled for launch on the 8th of November, the game seems to amalgamate all his earlier creations, elaborating on the game’s “essential concept” as being “to reinterpret Alarm as a modern action game.”

The influences from Alarm are evident, with both it and Slasherhead enabling you to connect with the thoughts/bodies of NPCs. However, unlike Alarm, Slasherhead will then empower you to actively guide these characters – many of whom will possess distinct combat capabilities.

Dedicated followers of the Alarm series will be delighted with Slasherhead, as Toyama disclosed that the sightjacking feature will integrate specific components “as a gesture of appreciation” for those familiar with the series.

The Gravity Rush series has demonstrated that Toyama understands how to craft a game with an original and captivating combat quirk/element. Hopefully, Slasherhead will be remembered in the future for much more than just its peculiar title.

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Silent Hill creator claims Slitterhead is a spiritual successor to Siren

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