The most recent update for Starfield will eliminate the need for mods that enhance performance in the Creation Club.

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Bethesda has initiated the rollout of the most recent update for Starfield, prompting mixed reactions from players. A sudden alteration in mod policy through the Creation Club is set to render many save files incompatible.

The latest update for Starfield modifies the types of mods permitted on the Creation Club. Going forward, mods that tweak .ini files will no longer be permitted, although modders can still distribute these mods elsewhere. This means mods that increase frame rates or enhance graphical settings will no longer be sanctioned on the cross-platform Creation Club. Consequently, Xbox users will be unable to install mods that destabilize the game on console. PC gamers will also face the same restrictions concerning the Creation Club, but the majority of seasoned modders are likely to turn to Nexus Mods for their downloads.

Bethesda acknowledges the importance of this change, stating: “With today’s update to the #Starfield CK, we are also removing the ability to upload Creations with altered ini files, since some altered ini files are resulting in more negative effects than the benefits for allowing this functionality, such as audio corruption on the Xbox. Removing this functionality will bring Creations in line with how they work on Skyrim. We are investigating ways to address active Starfield Creations from creators that alter ini files.”

This adjustment has triggered some unfavorable reactions requesting Bethesda to reconsider. For instance, some users were utilizing mods to unlock the frame rate on Xbox Series S. If these mods are indeed causing substantial issues for console players, then Bethesda is unlikely to reverse its decision on permitting such mods on the Creation Club.

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Latest Starfield patch will do away with performance-tweaking mods in Creation Club

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