The Opera browser is enlisting the help of Google Gemini to enhance the capabilities of its Aria AI assistant.

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Artificial intelligence models such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini have been in existence for a period of time and are gradually making their way into different products. The most recent example being the Opera browser, which is receiving AI functionalities enhanced by Gemini.

In an official declaration made by Opera yesterday, they detailed a partnership with Google Cloud to advance the AI capabilities of its browser, Aria, along with its text-to-voice and image creation features. Opera empowers Aria through its multi-LLM (large language model) Composer AI mechanism.

Opera highlights that Aria distinguishes its browser, as the Composer AI engine doesn’t solely depend on one AI or one LLM provider. The engine assesses the user’s intentions while using the browser and selects the most suitable model for the task at hand, with Gemini now being one of the options available to Opera for leveraging in this manner.

Opera stands out as one of the more prevalent browsers, particularly for a non-default or pre-installed application on an operating system, and has been integrating innovative generative AI technology into the browser for slightly more than a year.

Ways to experience the enhanced Aria AI yourself

The caveat is that currently, the upgraded Aria AI is exclusively accessible in the Opera One Developer version of the browser, which allows users to trial the latest AI features and enhancements (including the new image creation capabilities that utilize Google’s Imagen 2 model on the Vertex AI platform).

If you wish to experiment with an alternative to more commonly used browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera is a suitable option, particularly since it’s based on the Chromium engine, an open-source project by Google, which several other popular browsers like Chrome and Edge are also built upon, enabling easy history and bookmark imports.

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Even if you opt not to try the new iteration of Aria AI, both the standard Opera browser and Opera GX (its gaming variant) already incorporate AI-driven features – and as mentioned earlier, the enhanced Aria AI will eventually be integrated into the standard browser (unless it’s discontinued, which seems improbable). Opera also boasts additional functionalities such as Workspaces for organizing files, sidebar tools, and an integrated VPN.

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