The Peppermint OS family grows with the introduction of a ‘full-featured’ version.

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Introducing the Enhanced Peppermint OS Edition: Peppermint Loaded

Peppermint OS, a well-known Linux distribution recognized for its streamlined and adaptable desktop interface, has broadened its product line once more. Following the unveiling of the Mini release last September, the newest addition to the Peppermint family is Peppermint Loaded.

While preserving its core principles, the flagship edition of Peppermint OS continues to provide an uncluttered and highly effective XFCE desktop environment. Users retain the freedom to select their desired applications, ensuring a tidy system free of excess.

Geared towards individuals who value a simplistic setup, Peppermint Loaded offers a swift and responsive user experience. Serving both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, it delivers the familiar Peppermint ambiance with only the most essential pre-installed utilities.

Peppermint Loaded Overview: Fresh Addition to the Lineup

The standout announcement is the introduction of Peppermint Loaded, a recent inclusion in the Peppermint portfolio that presents a completely configured XFCE desktop layout. This evolution stems from feedback within the user community, aiming to provide a more comprehensive out-of-the-box experience.

In essence, this iteration caters to individuals who prefer to skip extensive customization steps.

Peppermint Loaded arrives pre-packaged with a range of essential applications, such as Firefox, GIMP, LibreOffice, Atril, Inkscape, Thunderbird, Gnome System Tools, and Timeshift. This ensures users can seamlessly transition to productive tasks following installation.

Additionally, the distribution comes equipped with several exciting new features:

  • Btop++: Serving as a modern Htop alternative, this advanced system monitor offers enhanced visual aesthetics and deeper system insights.
  • xDaily: An intuitive graphical tool crafted for effortless system upkeep, embodying the voice of the community through its design.
  • pfetch: A proprietary tool supplanting Neofetch, focused on delivering system details in a refined and straightforward layout.

Moreover, Peppermint Loaded includes exclusive integration of Flatpak support, streamlining access to a variety of applications. It also incorporates a customized edition of the Mint Store optimized for a seamless software installation journey.

Notably, Flatpak integration is presently not supported on the 32-bit version.

Lastly, new users should anticipate a brief delay during the initial installation process when executing the “/usr/sbin/update-system” script. This is a deliberate feature intended to conduct background updates, ensuring the system is fully up to date upon first boot.

For additional details, please reference the official announcement. Peppermint Loaded ISOs for both 64-bit and 32-bit systems can be accessed for download here.

Users are presented with a choice between two versions: one based on the robust Debian 12 “Bookworm” foundation and the other built on the systemd-free Devuan “Daedalus” release.

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