The PetitePod transforms the Apple Watch into a fusion iPod-iPhone device

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When examining our Apple Watch 9 evaluation and Apple Watch Ultra 2 assessment, Apple’s smartwatch emerges as a potent compact computer – and it is not obligatory to wear it on your wrist, due to a new hardware venture known as the TinyPod.

Unveiled on social media (via 9to5Mac) as “coming soon”, the TinyPod encases a strapless Apple Watch within a shell resembling a miniature iPod. It even contains a clickwheel on the facade for managing apps and operations.

If you contemplate all the functionalities possible with the Apple Watch, it essentially serves as a smaller and more restricted variation of the iPhone: conducting calls, sending messages, enjoying music, jotting down notes, and much more.

Incorporate the iPod-inspired hardware layout alongside a pair of premium AirPods, and you have a device that blends the concepts of an iPhone and an iPod – all within a small gadget that smoothly fits into your pocket or attaches to your attire.

A mobile communication from mobile communication

In one of the TinyPod teaser clips already released, the gadget is labeled as “your mobile communication from mobile communication”, offering an insight into its aim. It serves as a secondary device to complement your phone (similar to the Apple Watch itself).

Maybe the tasks this mini-phone cannot perform – browsing the web, scanning through social networks, watching videos – contribute to its role as a less diverting and less anxiety-inducing substitute for your actual iPhone. It might be suitable for instances when a full phone is unnecessary.

There are still numerous uncertainties surrounding the TinyPod, notably its price and release date (reportedly arriving in the summer in the US). Nonetheless, based on the current information, it appears to be a promising concept.

This isn’t the first endeavor we’ve seen to transform the Apple Watch into something new: there’s also the Cake device, resembling the Rabbit R1 substantially, which is presently in the prototype phase.

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