The PlayStation 5 is reportedly working on making certain PlayStation 3 games backwards compatible.

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Allegedly, there are whispers in the gaming community indicating that Sony is in the process of developing proper backward compatibility for select PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 5 console.

Speculation has arisen from statements made by Shpeshal Nick on the XboxEra podcast, hinting at Sony’s efforts to allow specific PlayStation 3 titles to be played on the current-gen PlayStation 5. These compatible games may potentially be offered for individual purchase, mirroring a strategy previously adopted by Microsoft with Xbox backward compatibility. However, details concerning potential performance enhancements or visual upgrades for these PS3 titles on the PS5 remain unknown. The exact games to be included in this compatibility feature are yet to be disclosed, with Nick suggesting a likelihood of primarily first-party titles being favored for inclusion.

Accessing PlayStation 3 games on the PlayStation 5 through proper backward compatibility could be a significant development. Currently, these older titles can only be played via cloud streaming on the PS5, which may not consistently provide the optimal gaming experience. Offering these games for individual purchase would be advantageous, eliminating the requirement for a PlayStation Plus Premium subscription, currently necessary for accessing PS3 titles through cloud streaming. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to approach these rumors with caution until an official confirmation from Sony is made.

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