The PlayStation Portal receives a highly anticipated software upgrade.

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Although the PlayStation Gateway may not have fulfilled the expectations of being a portable PlayStation as hoped by many, this handheld game streaming device has carved out its own unique niche. Regrettably, users have faced connectivity issues, particularly when attempting to log into wireless networks. The good news is that a recent software update has addressed this challenge.

In a recent announcement on the PlayStation Blog, Hiromi Wakai – The Vice President of Product Management at Sony Interactive Entertainment – shared:

“While we recommend using the PS Gateway in your residence where you can oversee the Wi-Fi quality, it is also suitable for use outside the home in areas with robust and swift Wi-Fi connections – and numerous gamers have been taking advantage of this capability.”

As a response, the system update now permits seamless connection to any wireless network of your choice, thanks to the introduction of a crucial verification mechanism for networks demanding a sign-in process before granting access.

Although a smartphone is required to access the login portal, the procedure is expected to be smooth and trouble-free, as the PS Gateway has incorporated a QR code for scanning when encountering such network requirements.

Furthermore, the update includes several quality-of-life enhancements such as enhanced visual cues for the touchpad areas and the capability to exhibit the remaining battery percentage on the handheld’s status bar.

While this product may not cater to everyone’s needs, it is heartening to witness the PS Gateway receiving new functionalities and enhancements – even if these improvements should have been present right from the beginning.

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