The potency of AI is ineffectual without data privacy.

In a recent exclusive interview, the Chief Executive Officer of Honor, a prominent Chinese smartphone brand, George Zhao emphasized the essential role of protecting user data for the meaningful utilization of artificial intelligence.

As per Zhao, without stringent data privacy measures, the potential of AI diminishes significantly. Honor has been integrating AI functions in its smartphones, featuring capabilities like seamless notification interaction and innovative tools for various applications.

During the Shanghai Mobile World Congress, Honor introduced new AI functionalities aimed at enhancing user experience and addressing concerns such as deepfake detection and eye strain reduction.

One key distinction highlighted by Zhao is Honor’s commitment to on-device AI operations, ensuring that personal data remains on the device itself. This approach contrasts with cloud-based AI models that rely on external servers, potentially jeopardizing data privacy.

According to Zhao, the collaboration with tech giants like Baidu and Google Cloud enables Honor to enhance its AI offerings while prioritizing data security and user privacy.

Zhao also highlighted the evolving landscape of AI technologies, emphasizing the increasing importance of on-device AI in providing personalized and secure services to consumers.

Despite the advancements in AI capabilities, Zhao acknowledged the challenges posed by energy consumption and data security, particularly for AI applications that require extensive computing resources beyond what a smartphone can provide.

Addressing the delicate balance between AI advancements and privacy protection, Zhao underlined the importance of empowering individuals through mobile devices while safeguarding their data privacy.

At the forefront of innovation, Honor’s Magic V2 foldable phone garnered recognition at the Shanghai MWC, setting the stage for the upcoming release of the Magic V3 with enhanced AI features.

Looking ahead, Honor remains committed to pushing boundaries in smartphone design and functionality, aiming to deliver cutting-edge technology while upholding data privacy standards.

For more details on the interview and insights shared by George Zhao, read the full article here.

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