The release date of the AMD Ryzen AI 300 has reportedly been delayed to July 28th.

Following AMD’s formal announcement of the Ryzen AI 300 series during Computex 2024, initial reports indicated that the new mobile APU lineup would be introduced on July 15th. However, recent information and listings now suggest that AMD has decided to delay the launch of the first devices powered by these APUs to July 28th.

Leaks from Golden Pig Upgrade and Hoang Anh Phu (via VideoCardz) have brought attention to this purported change in the release date. It is worth noting that AMD has not officially verified this adjustment, so terms like “moved,” “pushed,” or “delayed” may not be completely accurate at this moment.

Hoang Anh suggests that the July 28th date could relate to the removal of the sales embargo and the review NDA. Opting for a Sunday as the launch day could affect the distribution timelines in various regions.

Alleged adjustments to the release date have caused retailers such as BestBuy (via Hassan Mujtaba) to revise their product launch timetables. Some Asus laptops, originally set for presale in mid-July, have been rescheduled for release on July 28th. Although Asus has not yet updated its website with the new date, unless there is an early presale agreement between Asus and AMD, it is anticipated that the website will eventually reflect the revised launch date.

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