The release of AMD Ryzen AI 300 is expected to be around the middle of July, while the launch of Ryzen 9000 is anticipated for the end of July.

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It is believed that the AMD Ryzen AI 300 will make its debut around the middle of July, with the Ryzen 9000 series following suit towards the end of July. Although exact release dates have not been officially announced, several retailers have already started to list these new CPUs, indicating imminent launches.

Reports suggest that the Ryzen 9000 lineup could be up for pre-order as early as July 31st, aligning with AMD’s promise of a July launch. While pricing details for the US market remain undisclosed, a listing from Canada Computers has hinted at a launch price of $839 (CAD)/£480 for the Ryzen 9 9950X, positioning it about $100 lower than the Ryzen 9 7950X.

Shifting focus to the realm of laptop processors, BestBuy’s recent announcement of an Asus laptop equipped with the Ryzen AI 9 365 priced at $1400 hints at a launch date of July 15th. If accurate, these Strix Point chips will mark the initial release of Zen 5 chips, paving the way for the subsequent introduction of the Ryzen 9000 series tailored for desktops.

It appears evident that AMD will roll out its Zen 5 chips ahead of Intel’s forthcoming Lunar Lake and Arrow Lake processors, slated for release in Q3 2024 and Q4 2024, respectively.

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