The release of the cyberpunk life simulation game Nivalis has been postponed until the spring of 2025.

ION LANDS, a developer from Germany, along with the publisher 505 Games, have revealed a setback for Nivalis, a futuristic urban existence game set within the same universe as the 2020 title Cloudpunk.

Nivalis was initially unveiled in 2022. The subsequent year, a release window for 2024 was shared. Nevertheless, ION LANDS has decided to set the debut for Spring 2025, expressing the aim to provide the most exceptional experience possible.

Here’s a glimpse into what players can anticipate in this distinctive game:

Surviving in this futuristic metropolis is no easy feat. Criminal factions are eager to procure your body parts, the mega-corporations will penalize you for merely breathing, and all the while, the ground beneath you feels unstable. This city could plunge into the depths of the ocean at any moment, so it’s imperative to carve out your destiny today. You must start modestly: a food kiosk, a noodle cart, a stimulant dispensary. Gradually progress to owning a bar, a eatery, or perhaps even a nocturnal establishment.

In Nivalis, you dictate how your days unfold in the metropolis. Within this distinct slice-of-life simulation, equipped with authentic weather patterns and alternating day and night cycles, you have the liberty to advance your enterprise, encounter a multitude of peculiar characters, forge friendships, and confront the peril and enchantment of this voxel-based futuristic city.

  • Partake in your virtually simulated life within Nivalis, and dictate the allocation of your daily hours.
  • Oversee establishments like diners, ramen stalls, or nightlife venues.
  • Procure or cultivate your own fresh produce.
  • Roam the city on your personal vessel and engage in fishing activities.
  • Adorn your abode or purchase and tailor a new one.
  • Revel in the narratives of the individuals you interact with in the city, from acquaintances to patrons, and perhaps even stumble upon romance.

Nivalis is scheduled for launch on PC through Steam and the Epic Games Store. The press release makes no mention of a potential console release. Yet, Cloudpunk eventually made its way onto platforms like PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It’s plausible that a similar trajectory will occur in this instance as well.

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