The second season of Suicide Squad Eliminate the Justice League will be released next week, featuring the addition of Mrs. Freeze and other characters.

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Recently, Rocksteady distributed an email bulletin revealing the launch date and particulars of Suicide Squad Eradicate the Justice League Season 2.

The key addition is the introduction of the playable new persona Mrs. Freeze, also recognized as Nora Fries. She is an alternative rendition of Mr. Freeze, who is more commonly featured in DC adaptations (including Batman Arkham City, where the Dark Knight combats him in one of the boss confrontations). Information regarding Mrs. Freeze’s moveset was not disclosed in the newsletter, but it is expected that the developers will provide details soon, with Season 2 arriving for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League the following week.

Termed Frozen Hearts, Episode 3 will introduce an Elseworlds Mayhem map, a Superman versus Flash Brainiac battle, an ‘ever-changing’ Metropolis, fresh Infamy collections, and Notorious equipment such as the Killer Frost Infamy set, Firefly Notorious, and Parasite Notorious Melee, along with a new Battle Pass.

Episode 4, dubbed Winter, will feature a Green Lantern versus Superman Brainiac combat, novel incursions, additional Infamy collections, and Notorious gear like the Captain Cold Infamy set, Icicle Notorious, and Trickster Notorious Melee, as well as new Shop items.

Despite its significant setback, Rocksteady seems poised to fulfill its commitment to deliver four seasons of post-launch content for the game. As outlined by parent company Warner Bros., Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League led to a $200 million decline in EBITDA compared to the previous year’s exceptional results driven by Hogwarts Legacy. Critically, the game received negative reviews, with Wccftech’s Nathan Birch granting it only a 5 out of 10 rating:

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League boasts elements of that recognizable Rocksteady allure, offering refined visuals, seamless traversal and combat, and some sharp banter. However, the overall experience is marred by monotonous, uninspired mission structure, vacant live service components, and a bleak narrative that feels excessively hostile.

Nonetheless, the studio is not facing imminent closure. According to Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier, it will return to its forte: crafting single-player games. Concurrently, some Rocksteady staff members are assisting with a Hogwarts Legacy Director’s Cut project.

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