The specifications for the 800 series chipsets have been released.

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A recent disclosure from Intel has shed light on the specifications of the 800 series chipsets. Shared by @jaykihn0 on Twitter, these details provide insights into what to expect from these chipsets. It is important to remember that these specifications are subject to change before the anticipated October launch.

Information on 800 Series Chipsets:

Notable among the revelations is the similarities between the Z890 and W880 chipsets, with the latter catering more towards professional platforms. The distinguishing factor is the overclocking support through IA or BLCK. Additionally, the W880 boasts features tailored for professionals such as Intel vPro remote management capabilities and ECC memory support.

Moving on to the Q870, positioned as an enterprise chipset, it boasts 44 PCIe lines and includes two Thunderbolt/USB 4 ports alongside a matching PCIe slot configuration. Despite lacking overclocking capabilities for CPU and memory, it compensates with RAID support, vPro functions, and remote management features. However, ECC memory management is absent. In comparison to the Z890, apart from minor differences in USB ports and a few PCIe lanes managed by the chipset, the variance is minimal.

The B860 and H810 chipsets are positioned as the more entry-level options. Neither supports CPU overclocking (although the B860 permits memory OC), maintaining the status quo in this regard. Additionally, the H810 lacks RAID support, whereas the B860 shines with its compatibility for RAID 0, 1, 5, and 10 in SATA, albeit not in PCIe.

When it comes to PCIe capabilities, these chipsets fall behind, with at least one USB/Thunderbolt 4 port being their standout feature. Notably, their USB support is notably limited in comparison to other chipsets.

It’s worth mentioning that the H870 chipset is absent from this 800 series lineup and will not be launched alongside the aforementioned chipsets.


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