The technical disparities between PlayStation and Xbox are now insignificant, and uniting them into a single platform would enhance gaming experiences.

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A former head of PlayStation has pointed out that the differences in technical specifications between PlayStation and Xbox have become so inconsequential that merging them into a single platform could greatly enhance gaming experiences. Shawn Layden, in a recent IGN Live 2024 panel discussion on the future of gaming, emphasized how having one standard home console instead of the current rivalry between Sony and Microsoft would lead to better games. Thanks to both consoles utilizing similar hardware from AMD, the once-significant technical gaps have now become almost negligible.

“Xbox, PlayStation, high-end PC – these platforms have nearly reached a point of technical plateau where their capabilities are virtually indistinguishable. Consolidating into one standard home console technology would foster collaboration and eliminate the unnecessary platform competition,” Layden expressed.

He further delved into the console market’s challenges, noting that historical data shows a stagnant global install base across console generations, with the exception of the Wii era. Despite the surge in revenue during the pandemic, the growth didn’t stem from new entrants into the console gaming sphere.

This recent revelation coincides with previous claims about the hardware similarities between Sony and Xbox. AMD insider Kepler previously highlighted the convergence of designs among hardware vendors, emphasizing the minimal disparities between CPUs and GPUs across different brands. With Microsoft hinting at cross-platform game releases and Nintendo’s continued hardware success, the eventual dissolution of the platform rivalry seems plausible, although Nintendo’s dominance in the hardware realm remains a significant factor.

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